• 1.1

    This Promotion is conducted by CGS-CIMB Securities (Singapore) Pte. Ltd. (“CGS-CIMB”) and commences from July 2021 until 31 December 2021 (“Applicable Term”). Unless otherwise defined, capitalised terms used in CGS-CIMB’s General Terms and Conditions shall have the same meaning when used herein.

  • 2.1

    This Promotion is open to all participants who simply need to register at (driventolearn.cgs- cimb.com) for webinars that they are interested in attending. These webinars are hosted on the Cvent platform and website, and participants will be interacting within this space for the purposes of this Promotion.

  • 2.2

    Attendees of these webinars will earn points for engaging and taking various actions in relation to the webinars. For example, by asking a question in a webinar or answering a poll.

  • 2.3

    Every month, the top 100 attendees in terms of engagement points will each be eligible to receive a S$50 Takashimaya voucher (“Voucher”). Please refer to this link and to the schedule below which set outs the list of actions that a participant can take in relation to the webinars, the points relating to such actions and description of specific challenges which would allow participants to earn additional points. Please note that as a gesture of goodwill to winning participants residing in Malaysia and to ensure that they can readily benefit from this Promotion, their Takashimaya voucher shall be substituted with a MYR50 Grab Food gift card, which will be sent to them in digital form via email. These gift cards are subject to the terms and conditions of Grab Holdings Inc. and/or its affiliates. Participants should make themselves aware of these terms and conditions, in particular, terms relating to the use and validity period of such gift cards.

  • 2.4

    For winning participants that are residing in countries other than Singapore and Malaysia, the winning participant may appoint an authorised person residing in Singapore to collect the Voucher(s) on behalf of the winning participant. The winning participant shall be required to fill in an authorization form with particulars of the authorised person, who must then present themselves at the specified date and time for Voucher collection. CGS-CIMB shall be entitled to reject any such authorization form in its sole and absolute discretion.

  • 2.5

    A dynamic leaderboard of the top 100 positions will be made available within the Cvent space for participants to ascertain whether they are among the top 100 participants at a given point in time. Please note that a Participant’s points reset of a monthly basis. This reset will happen at 1pm on the last calendar day of the applicable calendar month.

  • 2.6

    Participants will be identified using the login name of their choice, and participants are not required to use their given name(s) as their login names.

  • 2.7

    Participants may only win a maximum a two Vouchers over the course of the Applicable Term.

  • 3.1

    Each winning participant will be notified of their win via phone and/or email. Each winning participant will be required to personally collect their Voucher from the office of CGS-CIMB which is located at 50 Raffles Place #01-01, Singapore Land Tower, Singapore 048623, or in such other manner of collection as may be specified by CGS-CIMB from time to time.

  • 3.2

    All Vouchers which are unclaimed within 2 months from the month in which it was won shall be forfeited. For the avoidance of doubt, participants who have had their Vouchers forfeited are not entitled to any compensation whatsoever under any circumstances, including but not limited to such participant not having received any notification of their win.

  • 3.3

    Save as expressly specified in the Vouchers, the Vouchers are not exchangeable for cash, credit, goods, or benefits in kind.

  • 3.4

    All Vouchers are subject to availability. CGS-CIMB reserves the right to withdraw the Vouchers or substitute the Vouchers with other types of rewards, including other types of vouchers (but shall not be under any obligation to do so) without prior notice and without assigning any reason.

  • 3.5

    Although CGS-CIMB shall endeavour to distribute the Vouchers promptly, this is subject to availability and accordingly, CGS-CIMB shall not be responsible for any delays whatsoever nor shall there be any compensation payable in respect of any such delays.

  • 3.6

    CGS-CIMB shall be entitled at its sole and absolute discretion to forfeit the Vouchers from any winners or disqualify any participant from participating in the Promotion.

  • 4.1

    CGS-CIMB’s records and other documents evidencing the participant’s participation in the Promotion shall be absolute, final and conclusive. All participants of the Promotion shall abide by any and all decisions made by CGS-CIMB in relation to the Promotion, and CGS-CIMB shall not be obligated to respond to any enquiries, appeals, objections or to otherwise explain any decision made in relation to the Promotion.

  • 4.2

    CGS-CIMB shall not be responsible or liable for incomplete, lost, late, damaged, illegible or misdirected mail, e-mail or other communications, technical hardware or software failures of any kind, lost or unavailable network connections, or any failed, incomplete, garbled or delayed electronic transmission which may affect a participant’s participation in the Promotion.

  • 4.3

    Without prejudice to the generality of the foregoing, in no event shall CGS-CIMB, its affiliates, and any of their respective employees, directors, officers, representatives and agents be liable for any loss or damages (including, without limitation, loss of income, profits or goodwill, direct or indirect, incidental, consequential, exemplary, punitive or special damages of any party including third parties) howsoever arising whether in contract, tort, negligence or otherwise, in connection with the Promotion or the Vouchers, even if CGS-CIMB had been advised of the possibility of such loss in advance. All such loss is hereby expressly excluded.

  • 4.4

    By participating in the Promotion, each participant is deemed to have read, understood and agrees to be bound by the relevant rules, regulations, decisions of CGS-CIMB, these terms and conditions, CGS-CIMB’s General Terms and Conditions, and the terms and conditions of any other agreement(s) that such participant may have entered into with CGS-CIMB. Any breach or failure to comply with the foregoing shall result in the disqualification of the participant from the Promotion. Any fraud or abuse (as determined by CGS-CIMB in its sole discretion) by any participant of the Promotion or a breach of these terms and conditions by a participant shall result in the forfeiture of the Participant’s eligibility to participate in the Promotion and/or their Vouchers.

  • 4.5

    Participants are also deemed to have read, understood and agree to be bound by the relevant rules, regulations, terms of use and/or terms and conditions of the Cvent website and/or platform.

  • 4.6

    By participating in the Promotion, each participant hereby consents to CGS-CIMB collecting, using and disclosing such participant’s personal data for purposes reasonably required by CGS- CIMB to administer the Promotion and for such other purposes as described in CGS-CIMB’s General Terms and Conditions which the participant confirms to have read and understood.

  • 4.7

    Notwithstanding anything contained herein, CGS-CIMB reserves the right at any time in its absolute discretion to:

    • i) amend, add to and/or delete any of these terms and conditions without prior notification (including without limitation, the eligibility and qualifying terms and criteria), and all participants shall be bound by such amendments, additions and/or deletions when effected;
    • ii) terminate or suspend the Promotion for any reason and without any prior notice whatsoever; and
    • iii) withdraw or substitute the Vouchers without having to disclose a reason thereof and without any compensation or payment whatsoever.
  • 4.8

    The monthly results of the Promotion and CGS-CIMB's decisions on all matters relating to the Promotion are absolute, final and binding on all participants. No correspondence, queries, appeals, objections or requests to explain such decisions shall be considered or responded to. In the event of any inconsistency between these terms and conditions and any brochure, marketing or promotional material relating to the Promotion, these terms and conditions shall prevail.

  • 4.9

    These terms and conditions shall be governed by and construed in accordance with Singapore law, and the participants agree to submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of Singapore.

  • 4.10

    This Promotion shall not be construed as an offer, recommendation or solicitation to buy or sell any Securities (as defined under CGS-CIMB’s General Terms and Conditions). All participants are advised to make their own independent evaluation and to consult professional advisers before undertaking any transaction.

  • 4.11

    Any person who is not a participant shall not have any rights under the Contracts (Rights of Third Parties) Act (Cap. 53B) to enforce or benefit from these terms and conditions.

  • 4.12

    Participants are also deemed to have read, understood and agree to be bound by the relevant rules, regulations, terms of use and/or terms and conditions of the Cvent website and/or platform.

Challenge name and description Actions to be taken by attendee Max. points per challenge Absolute total points to be gained per attendee per month
Feedback Fanatic (FF)
Answer polls and give us your feedback on our event and sessions!
Answer polls, Event Feedback Submitted, Session Feedback Submitted 120 760
Curious Explorer (CE)
Add our sessions to your calendar, register and check in to the event, view
the sessions and more. Don't forget to explore the exhibitors' booths!
Add to Calendar, Event Check-In, Event Registration, Log in to Attendee Hub, Open Exhibitor Document, Open Exhibitor Link (website link), View Exhibitor List, View Session 190
Session Superstar (SS)
Stay active in our sessions by up-voting and asking questions, getting the
session's documents and more!
Ask a Question, Download Session Document, Session Check-In, Session Registration, Up-vote Question 220
Go-getter (GG)
View our Exhibitor's booths and more - check our web links, social media or send the exhibitors a message!
Join Virtual Session, Submit an Inbound Lead, View Virtual Exhibitor Booth, Visit Exhibitor Social Media (link) 230

Actions under each Category Reference Code Corresponding to the Respective Challenge Points Max. Number of Times the Relevant Action can be done for points per month Total possible points (one month)
Feedback Fanatic Challenge

Answer polls FF 5 8 40
Event Feedback Submitted FF 10 4 40
Session Feedback Submitted FF 10 4 40

Curious Explorer Challenge

Event Check-In CE 5 4 20
Event Registration CE 5 4 20
Log in to Attendee Hub CE 5 8 40
Open Exhibitor Document CE 5 6 30
View Exhibitor List CE 5 3 15
Add to Calendar CE 5 4 20
View Session CE 5 3 15
Open Exhibitor Link (website link) CE 5 6 30

Session Superstar Challenge

Ask a Question SS 15 8 120
Download Session Document SS 5 4 20
Session Check-In SS 5 4 20
Session Registration SS 5 4 20
Up-vote Question SS 5 8 40

Go-getter Challenge

Submit an Inbound Lead GG 15 6 90
Join Virtual Session GG 10 2 20
View Virtual Exhibitor Booth GG 5 6 30
Visit Exhibitor Social Media (link) GG 15 6 90